1. Recycling - Reach/Weight

    So I had this song knocking around from when I first started consciously writing music for my album. It had a few cool melodies and a cool bridge section but I scrapped it because it just wasn’t working for me.

    I re-opened it recently and just played a load of over driven slide solo’s over the top of the cool bridge section and most of the other sections just because it was fun to jam to, that kind of renewed my interest in it.

    Then recently I started just messing about playing the solo over the bridge section chords looped in my memory man, then realised that the whole song is kinda cool if I just changed a few chords around and gave a taster of the bridge in between verses, similar to a track of mine called seaweed.

    I played about with the song with just my guitar and my loop pedal and got a bit of a new structure down along with some new lyrics and a recycled melody from the bridge solo.

    I’ve been working on it for a lot of the day today and it’s been really great, one of those sessions when you remember why you do what you do in the first place - because you love it.

    All good ideas find their place or way to work eventually, some times you just need a few months to let them cool and marinade before they turn into something really tasty.


  2. As the album nears completion - 6th June 2014

    I’m finding it difficult to keep my motivation up, i’m not sure whether it’s from the stresses of uni or from having heard the same songs over and over for so long that i’ve forgotten where they’re going. 

    I feel like I’ve got to that stage where I just need to release it, but I also don’t want to prematurely release it and regret it / listen back to it thinking “I should have fixed that” or “I should have changed this” 

    In other news, I started mixing it back through the TLA valve desk yesterday 

    Next tasks:

    Bass for one more track (Mirror)

    Pop removal  (Velvet)

    Re-recording & Tuning (Sabod)

    Mixing (Seaweed & Cleveland)


  3. Alfresco Love Sounds - Album Update - 19th March

    The first track “for a ride” is basically finished instrumentally, all it needs is main vocals and then it’s done! There’s a couple more tracks that could be finished in a few sittings then that’ll be 3 tracks done! but that’s only around 9 minutes of work. Ah well, there’s plenty more to come, once my dissertation is complete and goes bye bye 


    (sexy picture by Howie, James William the bumbaclart)

  4. This is a little contraption me and Rachael made to heat soup whilst we were inter-railing, an old tuna salad can, some cardboard (for wick) and some candle wax for fuel with tent pegs as the support section.



  5. Naomi Punk’s debut album ‘The Feeling’ is out now on Captured Tracks.



  6. Cherry
    Tells Me Some Things I Don’t Want To Know
    & I Can’t See
    A Light At The End For Us Anymore
    But I Can’t Keep Crying
    All Of The Time
    No I Can’t Keep Crying
    All Of The Time

    Can Be Very Sweet When She Needs A Friend
    But It’s Only
    A Mask That She Wears So She Can Pretend
    & I Can’t Keep Running
    All Of The Time
    No I Can’t Keep Running
    All Of The Time

    I Hate That It’s True But You Make Me Blue
    I Kept Waiting
    For You To Find What I See In You
    & I Can’t Keep Quiet
    All Of The Time
    No I Can’t Keep Quiet
    All Of The Time

    from the “after dark 2” triple lp.
    we’re going to post the video in a few hours…
    johnny jewel

    here’s the video link:


  7. Well Barcelona looks epic for longboarding


  8. started re-recording this for the album


  9. Thoughts on the album on 25th Feb

    The songs are coming together slowly but surely, I’m trying to figure out my optimum working strategy. Whether I should just power on with one song once I think I know what it needs to be finished or whether I should distribute my time evenly amongst the songs.

    I could “Finish” a song according to my mindset on that certain day and then come back to it and tweak and re-rig it, but I need to make sure I don’t do that too much and lose sight of what the initial vision of the song was, It’s hard to listen objectively when you’ve heard the same thing over and over again. This suggests that maybe I should spend more time on one song, then leave it for a while so I can come back to it with a fresh set of ears, but whilst waiting for my ears to be fresh for said song I can work on others.

    Regarding the idea of theme, I’ve had two thoughts, one is that I could enforce theme through being consistent with my placements and channel strip settings, the other is that having various types of music is good because it shows what kind of music I can produce.


  10. Album Progress - 23rd of February - 12 Weeks

    I’ve got around six new tracks written which are:

    (working titles)

    1. For a Ride

    2. Mirror Skies

    3. Bliss

    4. Seaweed

    5. Master Plan

    6. Cleveland

    They’re all still really rough, especially Cleveland and master plan. I’m planning on working on my album mainly on weekends and working on dissertation related things during the week.

    I’m thinking about the concept of theme within an album, and whether song writing style alone is enough to see a theme emerge, or whether it will be more thematic if the production follows a theme too, or if there’s a musical theme through out